About Us

Mission Statment

New York Dance & Arts Innovations Inc. (NYDAI) is a not-for-profit organization established with the aim of multi-national creative support and promotion of the performing, visual and literary arts. The purpose of the organization is to educate and enlighten the general public about art as well as to make art available to everyone. Our goal is to encourage and promote the creation of new art works, new artistic ideas and the international exchange of artistic concepts and works of art.

Artistic Statement
The goal is to establish a unique alliance that will foster the production of theater, dance, film video art, music and literature. Our aim is to open new creative frontiers in the arts with the aid of technology and science; to provide a forum for the exchange of creative ideas and experiments in the arts; to provide a forum for new ideas and experiments; and to create new audiences.

Aesthetic Principles
We believe that the arts are interrelated because all artistic endeavor has the same creative source; the medium of expression is what differs from one art to the next. Creativity is the felt human need to comment upon the observed world in new and hitherto unexplored ways that help us solve the puzzles of our existence. The core of creativity lies in new ways to perceive and to express, which broaden our understanding of the human condition. Artistic creativity lies between stability and flux; it communicates on a spectrum that ranges from the beautiful to the ugly, molding and redefining the boundaries of both, and constantly reshaping the aesthetic field. It builds on the past and foreshadows the future; it encompasses the particular and simultaneously addresses the universal. Its innate contradictions are the very essence of the human mind; this ensures its innovative nature and grounds its necessity in a fully human existence.

Artistic Goals
The New York Dance & Arts Innovations is an umbrella organization for artistic activity. We sponsor the production of new art works; document new and established works; encourage experimental creative approaches; and provide an international forum for the exchange of creative ideas, resources and products. The organization is committed to art as a testimony to human ingenuity, to its vast importance in communication, education, cultural understanding and international co-operation, and to the view that in order to shape the artistic future we need to nurture our artistic present.