Festival 2023

XXV International Chopin & Friends Festival

Download the program of the festival.

29 October, Sunday, Merkin Hall, 6 pm
Classic & Avant-garde – with Polish Romantic into the Future
Concert is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Polish and Slavic
Center and 25th anniversary of the New York Dance and Arts Innovations.

November 4, 7 pm , Saturday, Polish and Slavic Center,
Synthetic Promenade (jazz, blues, art exhibition)

November 8, 7pm , Wednesday, Polish Consulate NY,
Middle Promenade: “Chopin between the galaxies”

November 16: 7 pm, Thursday Polish Consulate NY,
Final promenade: ”Chopin around Friends”

November 18, 7 pm, Saturday,
Polish-Slavic Center
Closing Curtain
Theater Panopticum from Lublin