Previous Composition Competition

5th International “New Vision” Composition Competition 

First Prize goes to: Huijuan Ling  (China) for Toward A Rediscovery 

(Performance of the piece during 24th International Chopin and Friends Festival in NYC by the Cracow Golden Woodwind Quintet and 400$ cash prize)

Second Prize goes to: Jason Thorpe Buchanan (USA) for Oggetti 

Third Prize goes to:  Yuang Mao (China) for Hallucinatory Image 

Distinction goes to : Angela Elizabeth Slater (UK) for Sun Catcher 

Jury of the competition: Paul Moravec (USA), Marta Ptaszyńska (USA/Poland), Jakub Polaczyk (USA/Poland), and members of the Cracow Golden Woodwind Quintet.

September 14, 2022,
New York City

4th International “New Vision” Composition Competition

The jury of the 4th International “New Vision” Composition Competition in memory of Krzysztof Pendereki Awarded the Grand Prix $400 to Alien Forests. The composition was chosen by Argus String Quartet after the jury’s preselection and will be performed on November 19, 2021 at the Polish Consulate in New York City as part of the Finale of  our XIII International Chopin & Friends Festival.

The students of Krzysztof Penderecki, composers: Zaid Jabri (Poland/Syria), Łukasz Pieprzyk (Poland) and Artistic Director of the Chopin and Friends Festival Jakub Polaczyk (Poland/USA) awarded the following composers and compositions out of over 100 submissions:

1st Prize: “Alien Forests”

2nd Prize: “Cathedral of Light”

3rd Prize: “SN1054”

Honorable mentions: “Bloom”, “2020: Danse Macabre”, “With Leaves”.

Runners-up: “A Wind Badly Wants to Move the Earth”, “Chasing After Wind”.

After revealing the composer’s pseudonyms the list follows:

1st Prize: Sam Wu (Australia/USA)

2nd Prize: Juhi Bansal (India/Hong Kong/USA)

3rd Prize: Seo Yoon Kim (Republic of Korea)

Honorable mentions: Jeremy Wei Rosenstock (USA), Michael M. Lee (USA), Benjamin Rieke (USA).

Runners-up: Gunter Gaupp (USA), Daniel Knaggs (USA)


International New Vision Composition Competition
Third Edition (2020)


June 7, until September 7 (3 months) we are going to launch the public voting for the last year 3rd “New Vision” International Composition Competition.The public favorite piece selected from 4 winning works will be performed live during 23rd Chopin Friends Festival in NYC and will receive a GRAND PRIX cash prize 400$.

Thank you for the work that all the performers have done during those difficult times.

Thank you, composers.

Good luck!

Each person can submit only one answer from one e-mail address



The Winners of the 3rd International Composition Competition “NEW VISION” in NYC have been decided.

First Prize: Angela Elizabeth Slater(UK): “As The Moon Runs Red”
Second Prize: ZhenBo Su (CHINA):”The Moonlight in the Bamboo Forest”
Third Prize: Douglas Hedwig (USA): “Its Soul of Music Shed”
Joe Drew (USA), Xiao Hu (CHINA), Jakub Polaczyk (POLAND/USA)


First Prize: Jimmy Kachulis (USA): “LAMENT”
Second Prize: Wen Ziyang (CHINA): “Kangrinpoche:The breath of holy mountain”
Third Prize: Serin Oh (S.KOREA):”Moon in April”
Jacek Muzyk (USA/Poland), Mauricio Sotelo (SPAIN), Jakub Polaczyk (Poland/USA)


First Prize: João Pedro Oliveira (PORTUGAL/USA):”FULL MOON”
Second Prize: PANG Chun-ting (HONG-KONG): “Giligulu”
Third Prize: Adam Diesner (POLAND): “Variations”
Ewa Fabianska-Jelinska (POLAND): MEDITATION III
David Whitwell (USA), Eduardo Caballero (Mexico), Jakub Polaczyk (Poland/USA)


First Prize: Rodrigo Bussad (BRAZIL/USA): “KUNDALINI”
Second Prize: Christopher Chandler (USA): “a thing of dream and mist”
Third Prize: Jeffrey Niederhoffer (USA): “Askew, But Not Amiss”
Laurent Estoppey (SWITZERLAND/USA), Jan van Landeghem (BELGIUM), Jakub Polaczyk (POLAND/USA)

International New Vision Composition Competition                  Second Edition (2019)

The 21st International Chopin and Friends

Festival and Four Corners Ensemble announced the Second International “New Vision” Composition Competition. Submitted 76 compositions were judged by a screening panel of: Jakub Polaczyk (New Music Director of Chopin and Friends Festival, faculty at the New York Conservatory of Music), Reza Vali (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh), Shuying Li (Artistic Director of Four Corners Ensemble, Research Faculty at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music), and members of Four Corners Ensemble (Erika Boysen, flute, Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina- Greensboro; Joshua Anderson, clarinet, Assistant Professor at the University

Words in music of Nevada-Reno; Christina Adams, Froehlich Family Violin Chair in the Ann
Arbor Symphony Orchestra, and Annie Jeng, piano, Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro). This year edition of the festival is focuses on the father of polish opera – Stanisław Moniuszko for whom program and words were very important. The chosen compositions
are relate to some of the themes used in his music: love, daily life, faith, or are related to the national or folklore syndrome in the music. Two of the winning works are going to be performed tonight by 4 Corners Ensemble and each will receive $300 cash prize. The Second and Third Prize recipients
will receive honorary diplomas. These composers prove that ideas in the music of Stanisław Moniuszko are still alive. Congratulations to all of the winners

Vocal Category:
First Prize: Five Haiku by Tomas Peire Serrate
Second Prize: Yeomwon by June Young (Will) Kim
Third Prize: Oh My Beloved by Andrew List & The Breeze at Dawn by Amy Gordon (tie)

Instrumental Category:
First Prize: Splinter by Charles Peck
Second Prize: The sound of your solitude and mine by Eugene Alexander Birman
Third Prize: Rafflesia by Young Jun Lee

Jakub Polaczyk
New Music Director of Chopin and Friends Festival

International New Vision Composition Competition

First Edition (2018)

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the independence of Poland. The festival resonates with this theme by promoting independence and freedom in art. We have invited guests from different cultural backgrounds to celebrate this independence with us while embracing diversity in the
music world. One such example is the Four Corners Ensemble – a multicultural
American ensemble directed by Chinese-American composer Shuying Li. The ensemble consists of 6 emerging talents from 5 Countries (Australia, China, UK, South Korea & USA) on 4 Continents (Asia, Australia, Europe & America), trained by 3 world-class musical institutes (Juilliard, New England Conservatory & University of Michigan). Four Corners will premiere a new piece I composed specifically for the 100th Anniversary of the Independence of Poland, entitled Styrophonic Willows. In addition, director Shuying Li has also composed a new flute mini-concerto, alluding to different cultures, and Marcel Chrzynski’s IN C as a birthday gift to the composer’s teacher, M. Stachowski, and his love of the music of the grandfather of classical music W.A. Mozart. Moreover, we are launching our very first edition of “New Vision – Chopin and Friends International Composition Competition!” This year, three winning works were chosen by invited jury members: Marcel Chyrzynski, Director of Theory and Composition at the Music Academy of Krakow, Four Corners Ensemble, anmyself. A performance of each jury members’ work and the winning compositions of the competition will take place at the Polish Consulate. The competition received 74 submissions and has attracted composers from Asia, America and Europe to participate. I hope that everyone will find something for themselves in this dialogue between the old and the new, tradition and modernity, classical and contemporary. In the future, we plan to continue to introduce nuanced ideas and multi-media elements into the festival. We look forward to your participation and support to develop this gem of Polish heritage into a long standing beacon in the New York artistic & cultural scene.

Sincerely yours,
Jakub Polaczyk
New Music Director of the International Chopin and Friends Festival

Results of the 20th International Chopin & Friends Festival Composition
Competition “New Vision” (Jury: Joshua Anderson, Joachim Angster,
Marcel Chyrzynski, Jakub Polaczyk, Shyuing Li, Siyuan Li)

1st Prizes:
Richard Heller (Austria): Drei Miniaturen
Ye Leishuo (China): Solidifacttion of the Autumn
Karol Osman (Poland): Whisper in Purple

2nd Prizes:
Baldwin Giang (USA): You in me, me in you
Tomasz Skweres (Poland): Deuterium
Jee Seo (South Korea): 4 Pieces

3rd Prizes:
Xu Tang (China): JI
Caterina di Cecca (Italy): Filigrane Scarlatte
Andre Bregegere (USA): Vol de nuit