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The 3rd International Composition Competition “NEW VISION” in NYC has been decided.

First Prize: Angela Elizabeth Slater(UK): “As The Moon Runs Red”
Second Prize: ZhenBo Su (CHINA):”The Moonlight in the Bamboo Forest”
Third Prize: Douglas Hedwig (USA): “Its Soul of Music Shed”
Joe Drew (USA), Xiao Hu (CHINA), Jakub Polaczyk (POLAND/USA)


First Prize: Jimmy Kachulis (USA): “LAMENT”
Second Prize: Wen Ziyang (CHINA): “Kangrinpoche:The breath of holy mountain”
Third Prize: Serin Oh (S.KOREA):”Moon in April”
Jacek Muzyk (USA/Poland), Mauricio Sotelo (SPAIN), Jakub Polaczyk (Poland/USA)


First Prize: João Pedro Oliveira (PORTUGAL/USA):”FULL MOON”
Second Prize: PANG Chun-ting (HONG-KONG): “Giligulu”
Third Prize: Adam Diesner (POLAND): “Variations”
Ewa Fabianska-Jelinska (POLAND): MEDITATION III
David Whitwell (USA), Eduardo Caballero (Mexico), Jakub Polaczyk (Poland/USA)


First Prize: Rodrigo Bussad (BRAZIL/USA): “KUNDALINI”
Second Prize: Christopher Chandler (USA): “a thing of dream and mist”
Third Prize: Jeffrey Niederhoffer (USA): “Askew, But Not Amiss”
Laurent Estoppey (SWITZERLAND/USA), Jan van Landeghem (BELGIUM), Jakub Polaczyk (POLAND/USA)
December 16, 2020

Please join us for live streaming’s of the XXII International Chopin and Friends Festival on our Facebook page (@nydaiorg) or view the concerts at a later date on our YouTube channel (NYDAI Inc). The full program of the festival can be viewed or downloaded here. Please note that face to face events have limited capacity and will be reserved for our sponsors and honorable guests. We apologize for this limitation as a result of the pandemic.


Dear Composers,

After many requests NYDAI has decided that the deadline of the 3rd International Composition Competition ”New Vision” is extended for 1 month until December 1. So all the dates are postponed one month later as written in the rules. The online presentation and conversation with the winners will happened than in January 2021. The winners will be also published online but  will be printed on the next program of the New York Chopin and Friends Festival. Grand Prize winner will be performed live on the next festival as mentioned. We wish you a lot of inspiration and stay healthy. We are looking for your brand new works for Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone or Trombone.

XXII International Chopin & Friends Festival starts fall 2020 Announcing the 3rd NEW VISION International Composition Competition 2020.

The 22nd International Chopin and Friends Festival proudly announce the The 3rd International “New Vision” Composition Competition.

Submitted compositions will be judged in 4 Solo categories for: Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Horn by a screening panel of: Jakub Polaczyk (Polish composer, Artistic Director of Festival Chopin and Friends, faculty at the New York Conservatory of Music), guest composers: Maurizio Sotelo, (Spanish composer, faculty at the Catalonia College of Music in Barcelona), Eduardo Caballero (Mexican composer, faculty at The Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte), Xiao Hu, (Chinese composer, faculty at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music), Jan van Landeghem (Belgian composer, faculty at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels) and perfromers: David Whitwell (NYC), Joe Drew (NYC), Jacek Muzyk (Buffalo/NY), Laurent Estoppy (Switzerland/Greensboro, NC).

The theme of the 22nd Chopin and Festival would be “Isolation and Connectivity”. During the festival there will be online short online chat with composer and, and the winner that will be published on the NYDAI Festival Youtube Channel.

The winning pieces from the competition will be streamed online from performers homes in 2021, after that the Grand Prix piece will be judged by audience on the festival website and will be performed live during the next edition of the Festival.

The Grand Prize winner will be awarded cash prize 400$ and the piece will be also painted by  brazilian synesthesian artist – Stephanie de Paula and composer will receive a poster of his piece  that will be also uploaded on the festival website:

Submission Guidelines


Eligible composers are those who are in the early to middle stages of developing an international career and for whom this prize would represent a significant career opportunity. Submitted works may have received premieres or/and performances in the past.

Instrumentation: Solo French Horn, Solo Trombone, Solo Trumpet (Double Bell Trumpet also possible), Solo Saxophone (Alto or Soprano).

Compositions may not exceed 8 minutes in length.

Materials for Submission:
Applications will only be accepted via google forms:


Competition is anonymous. Composers may apply with multiple pieces in one or different categories but under different emblems.

Full score (PDF format only): composers name should not be on the score, as scores will be reviewed anonymously (by composers pseudonym/emblem).

Paypal Receipt of application fee submission should be also include to the application.

Optional Audio recording of the piece (MIDI rendering is acceptable).

Program notes of the piece

Entry Fee:
Donation to NYDAI $15 each composition. Composers may submit up to 4 works (one in each category). Payment accepted online via PayPal under donation payment link on the NYDAI website. Please include your receipt through application form with composition title and pseudonym/emblem.

A panel will have 4 separate judges:

Trombone: David Whitwell, Eduaro Caballero, Jakub Polaczyk

Trumpet: Joe Drewm Xiao Hu, Jakub Polaczyk

Horn: Jacek Muzyk, Maurizio Sotelo, Jakub Polaczyk

Saxophone: Laurent Estoppy, Jan van Landeghem, Jakub Polaczyk 

Jury will choose four winning compositions one in each category, that will be performed online, second and third prizes will be awarded with certificates. After judging process the pieces will be  uploaded in the internet by the end of April 2021, and than audience judging will take place virtually until September 1 2021,11:59pm EST.


Submissions must be time-stamped by December 1, 2020, 11:59pm EST.
Winners will be announced during the Festival by December 20, 2020.
Winning pieces will be recorded and published online: 

February 2021

March 2021

April 2021

May 2021

Audience judging between June 1 September 1 2021.

November 2021 – Performance of the Grand Prix winning piece during the 23rd Chopin and Friends Festival in NYC.

Please direct all inquiries to NYDAI Inc.:

New York Dance & Arts Innovations

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