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New York Dance & Arts Innovations Inc. (NYDAI) is a not-for-profit organization established with the aim of multi-national creative support and promotion of the performing, visual and literary arts.


The Winners of the 3rd International Composition Competition “NEW VISION” in NYC have been decided.

First Prize: Angela Elizabeth Slater(UK): “As The Moon Runs Red”
Second Prize: ZhenBo Su (CHINA):”The Moonlight in the Bamboo Forest”
Third Prize: Douglas Hedwig (USA): “Its Soul of Music Shed”
Joe Drew (USA), Xiao Hu (CHINA), Jakub Polaczyk (POLAND/USA)


First Prize: Jimmy Kachulis (USA): “LAMENT”
Second Prize: Wen Ziyang (CHINA): “Kangrinpoche:The breath of holy mountain”
Third Prize: Serin Oh (S.KOREA):”Moon in April”
Jacek Muzyk (USA/Poland), Mauricio Sotelo (SPAIN), Jakub Polaczyk (Poland/USA)


First Prize: João Pedro Oliveira (PORTUGAL/USA):”FULL MOON”
Second Prize: PANG Chun-ting (HONG-KONG): “Giligulu”
Third Prize: Adam Diesner (POLAND): “Variations”
Ewa Fabianska-Jelinska (POLAND): MEDITATION III
David Whitwell (USA), Eduardo Caballero (Mexico), Jakub Polaczyk (Poland/USA)


First Prize: Rodrigo Bussad (BRAZIL/USA): “KUNDALINI”
Second Prize: Christopher Chandler (USA): “a thing of dream and mist”
Third Prize: Jeffrey Niederhoffer (USA): “Askew, But Not Amiss”
Laurent Estoppey (SWITZERLAND/USA), Jan van Landeghem (BELGIUM), Jakub Polaczyk (POLAND/USA)

Isolation and Connectivity Conversation Series

The theme of the XXII International Chopin and Friends Festival was “Isolation and Connectivity”. During the festival our artistic director Jakub Polaczyk led short online chats with composers, artists, and the winner of the competition. You can view these on NYDAI’s  Youtube Channel.


New York and Warsaw Side by Side, an article by Katarzyna Buczkowska for our online Magazine.Art

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