New Vision Festival 

The New York Dance & Arts Innovations is an umbrella organization for innovative artistic activity. We support the production of new art works, encourage experimental creative approaches and provide an international forum for the exchange of creative ideas, resources and products. The organization is committed to art as a testimony to human ingenuity, to its vast importance in communication, education, cultural understanding and international co-operation. We believe that in order to shape the artistic future we need to nurture our artistic present. The core of creativity lies in new ways to perceive and to express, which broaden our understanding of the human condition. It builds on the past and foreshadows the future ensuring the innovative nature of human creativity.

We want to present this innovative approach towards art during New Vision Festival which is a part of Chopin and Friends Festival. It is the first artistic virtual reality and experimental arts festival organized by NYDAI . 

New Vision - VR event offers an annual international platform for the presentation, creation and further development of Virtual Reality art. We will showcase creative, unique and inspirational VR experiences that shift or indeed break down the boundaries between, storytelling, documentaries and artistic creativity. The exhibit will present the latest examples of virtual art, and also be entering into the discourse about the creative opportunities. This show will include a group of VR artist selected by a jury of celebrated international artists. This exhibition will provide unparalleled exposure for the VR artists with comprehensive industry attendance and media coverage. 

New Vision - experimental art - will be raising artistic, psychological, economic and ethical questions during the course of group shows and lectures. NYDAI is dedicated to supporting experimental artists, showing innovative works that apply fresh techniques and aesthetics. The exhibition explores contemporary cultural aesthetics, and presents innovative image making. NYDAI celebrates the achievements of this diverse ensemble of exceptional visionaries.